Baby Diapers

How to choose diapers for your baby?

First of all, you need to decide between the two basic types of diapers, which are: cloth diapers and disposable diapers. If you change diapers regularly, there is no excessive difference between using one compared to the other.

Disposable diapers have better airflow, but chemicals that contribute to their absorption and retention of moisture can irritate the skin of some babies.

A very important thing with disposable diapers is that they have a certificate of the absence of harmful substances in them. The best diaper should have good liquid absorption power and be designed to prevent it

leaks. In addition, it should be light and soft, so that your baby is comfortable. The first and foremost thing when buying a diaper is that you need to take into account the size, because all manufacturers

a little different Sometimes in the sale of diapers front branded diapers, because you can buy them in all

markets, pharmacies and drugstores. Numerous brands claim that their diapers are environmentally friendly, although none of the diapers are actually completely environmentally friendly

safe. No diaper, neither disposable nor cloth, is “100% natural. Wet diapers in babies can cause serious irritations and infections, which is why it is most important to choose

the ones that last the longest stay dry.

Do not choose baby diapers according to price and popularity, but according to meeting the criteria that are important for the health of babies.